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Easy Tips for Capturing Stunning Sunset Photography

Sunset photography is a great way to show off your landscape photography skills. But don’t be fooled, shooting sunsets is not as easy as it sounds.

It might seem like nature will do the majority of the work for you, but there are a couple of factors that can make sunset photography.

Here are ten sure-fire tips that will help you overcome!

Be Confident and Believe in Your Skills

Sunset photography is done all around the world by millions of people every single day, resulting in millions of similar shots.

I’ve met many photographers who to justify going out and shooting sunsets.

Standing out in a crowd so vast is not easy.

But if you strive to be a better photographer every day, and go out to shoot as frequently as you can, you will steadily develop. Your photos, including your sunset pictures, will become better and better every time.

And, soon enough, you’re likely to find that you’re actually capable of achieving those magazine-quality results you’ve always dreamed of.

Even if you don’t at first, don’t be upset. The joy of doing photography itself, particularly when shooting such a beautiful phenomenon as a sunset, will counteract that.

 Imagine Your Desired Result Before Shooting

A long-held wisdom of experienced photographers is that if you don’t know what you want to capture, you won’t capture it successfully.

Keeping yourself to this rule of thumb and meticulously pre-visualising a shoot before hand will result in better photography.

And pictures of sunsets are no exceptions. Whether you’re coming back to a location you know well, or you’re facing a completely new environment, there’s always room for prior planning.

If you’re shooting a familiar place, try to imagine the best possible sunset image you’ll get. Then work accordingly during the shoot.

In a new location, use your experience you’ve gained from shooting your local area.

This tip is about your mindset, and it’s not limited to photography. But it’s just as important as nailing your settings or composition.

Be Careful but Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Some photographers are easily scared off even by the slightest storm in the weather forecast. Don’t be afraid of small weather changes. They can actually help to elevate your sunset photography.

Of course, take proper precautionary steps to ensure your and your equipment’s safety. Pack weather-sealing accessories if your camera or lens are not sealed.

During a thunderstorm, be aware of lightning and their potential locations. Avoid those places, as you’d normally do.

However, enduring some of the harshness's of nature can yield you rewarding results. Two scenarios can happen: either the sky clears up and you’ll get outstanding sunset shots. Or, you’ll get great storm shots with colourful sunlight leaking through.

In both scenarios, you’ll arrive home slightly wet, but feeling more satisfied than if you’ve just avoided the whole thing completely.